Swarm Dynamics is a cross-disciplinary organisation that harnesses arts and effective communications to help engage wider audiences on sustainable futures – focusing on systems level solutions. Drawing on the interdisciplinary talents of artists and experts, we promote rapid transformations towards zero carbon economies, and inform awareness and action about solutions.


Swarm Dynamics is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation based in England with registered charity number 1181673.

Work & Impact

As a registered charity in England, Swarm Dynamics works towards the charitable purpose:
To promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public, by raising awareness of problems and solutions for the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment, and the prudent use of resources, through the use of the arts.

Not Us by Belinda Chlouber

Shared Beliefs

We believe that a crisis of imagination exists, in both mainstream society, in the communications and policy work of many environmental NGOs and change makers, and in the popular and contemporary arts. We also believe in the urgent need to elaborate positive, informed visions of new systems, to help shift the mainstream perception that alternatives are not feasible.

Team & Networking

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If you are an organisation seeking our help to bridge environmental and system change research or education with arts or accessible communications, or to deliver creative workshops or educational events about communicating rapid transition, or for inspirational guest talks involving creatives, please use the contact form below and address your query to David.


If you are an artist, creative, or change maker generally interested in joining the Swarm collective or finding out more about what we do and would like to do, please fill in the below mail form below and one of our team will get back to you in a week or two. Alternatively, follow and ping us on facebook or twitter.


If you are able to support our unique work embedding the arts within system change and sustainable futures, please help us get through the challenges artists face during COVID19 with a small donation, which you can make securely through our page on the Charities Aid Foundation – please click here