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David Holyoake


David is Founder and Manager of Swarm Dynamics.   David has a background as an expert in climate change law and policy formerly with, and EU campaign leader for Bankwatch network. He is also a musician and published composer of new classical music, represented as an Associate Artist of the Australian Music Centre


Throughout his environmental work on UK and EU climate and energy issues, David became acutely aware of the need to emotionalize the debate on climate and other issues, the need for a step-change in more creative, evidence-based, and inspiring communications, and the need for civil society groups to join the dots on the root causes of the crises we face – challenging the destructive logic of the current economic model, the lunacy of infinite growth, and working towards compelling political narrative towards a more meaningful economy. In 2015, he co-directed and facilitated the Creative Factory at Place to B, Paris, during the 2 weeks of UN COP21, bringing together communications experts, artists, poets, game developers, and climate campaigners to help change the climate story. 


David is the great-great-grandson of George Holyoake, the English agitator who coined the term ‘secular’ and was the last man jailed for atheism. Recipient of awards, public grants and commissions, David’s music has been played at such venues as Fairfield Halls London, the Royal Academy of Music, and the Great Hall, National Gallery of Victoria and some can be heard at