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Georgina Aylwin

Research and Projects Assistant



Georgie is Swarm’s Research and Projects Assistant, working closely with David to help refine and disseminate projects such as Swarm’s animations and subsequent learnings reports. In 2020, Georgie joined the Institute of Development studies for her MSc in Climate Change Science and Policy. Having avoided economics as a discipline for most her educational career (as there was something about the win-win nature of neoclassical economics didn’t ‘sit right’ with her),  Georgie recently understood that the way most economies are run today does not need to be a fixed or permanent reality. Her areas of interest therefore include building and strengthening ways of communicating alternative economics so that that these ideas won’t be met with immediate criticism from the political actors and the wider public.
She currently lives and works in Brighton, where she runs a pair of restaurants that operate by ‘gift economy’, whereby standard transactions after each meal are not mandatory.  Instead, customers are encouraged to sit and enjoy their food before placing their own value on their meal and experience, based on gratitude and generosity.

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