About us

Swarm Dynamics is a cross-disciplinary organization that harnesses arts and creative thinking to help engage wider audiences on sustainable development – focusing on systems level solutions. Drawing on the interdisciplinary talents of artists and experts, we promote rapid transformations towards a sustainable economy and inform awareness and action about solutions.



  • Creative strategy generation and development for environmental NGOs and other changemakers;
  • Art and creative communication projects that inform and inspire the public about solutions;
  • Emedding artists with experts in sustainability or communications spark new thinking;
  • Advice and staff trainings for NGOs – applied creative thinking, artful storytelling and effective communications;
  • Capacity building for artists about sustainable development, alternative economics, and other environmental solutions;



We collaborate with everyone who shares our charitable purpose, (see Work and Impact) and who strive for positive change on a systems level. Including environmental NGOs, academic research institutes, think tanks, ethical companies, as well as with artists who want to make a difference with their work.



Our Trustees and staff combine expertise in climate change policy, campaign design, communications, arts management and arts practice. This means we can offer interdisciplinary solutions and generate informed new strategic directions in the campaign or policy work of changemakers. We strive to help others communicate effectively to the unconverted, and to translate the feasibility of system change through creative means. We believe in solutions-focused, informative and accessible art projects and communications strategies with popular appeal. Therefore, we have no interest in commissioning melting ice statues, or inaccessible art that remains stuck in small galleries and will not reach people’s daily lives. But we are interested in short films, graphic novels about system change, immersive exhibitions, online games about solving climate change, or cultural events with potential to help mainstream the issues and, step by modest step, shift the public understanding of what is possible. We also work to embed artists with experts to spark new thinking about solutions and how to communicate them. In this way, we restore the role of the artist as thinkers as well as makers. We seek to harness their unique sensitivities and imagination capital in advancing awareness and rapid action towards sustainable futures.



Swarm Dynamics is a cross-border organization with the team being headquartered in Brighton UK, with satelite staff or volunteers also based in London, Brussels and Russia. Our networks extend to Europe, Australia, and Canada. We seek out opportunities to advance systems level solutions through creative means and the power of inspiring art.