Mandy Merritt

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Artist Statement

Since the lockdown, I have been spending my days perfecting my Art created with other people’s waste. Single-use plastic mainly bottles which are continually being found in our oceans and on our beaches, causing our Sealife massive problems and causing much of it/them to die.

We live on a beautiful planet and this kind of plastic can take up to 450 years to biodegrade.

After watching a documentary highlighting this I decided to use this as my medium for my art. I hope that by repurposing this awful stuff into art I am helping just a little the Carbon Footprint.

I create lampshades, home decor, picture canvases to name a few. I also was asked to make a wedding bouquet which I created using milk cartons. I figure while this terrible stuff is on the planet I will continue to use it to create my art.



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