Two Worlds

Emma Eberhardt
Machynlleth, Wales, UK

‘Two Worlds’
Oil on canvas

Artist site

Artist Statement

The painting presents the intersectionality of two alternative worlds that the COVID-19 pandemic offers. Focus is placed on energy and agriculture. To the left, is today’s world: a linear straight lined world with hard boundaries and little to no wildlife. A ploughed and bare field encased by fences takes up the majority of this side, with a tarmac road in the foreground and a line of trees and fossil fuel based energy centres in the background. Above, a plane flies past. To the right, is an alternative world, where the land is forested with a meandering river flowing through the landscape. Integrated within this system, is a permaculture garden where chickens roam freely. On the opposite bank is a wildflower meadow of many different colours. In the background are some wind turbines. In the sky, geese fly in the distance in a V shape, represented here to symbolise collaborative leadership.

At the centre is a presumed middle class white man with a face mask on, symbol of COVID-19. His class and ethnicity were depicted with intent: to place emphasis on the responsibility of the white privileged. The rainbow, a symbol of hope and solidarity, steams from the top of the man’s head across to the left hand side of the image, symbolising the power the man has to make this vision a reality.



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