The Landscape of an Unknown

İdil Bozkurt
Brighton, UK

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Artist Bio

İdil is a lens-based media producer and an independent curator. Also, She is the co-founder of the art collective, New Grounds. After her bachelor’s degree (2008-2012) in Philosophy from Kocaeli University in Turkey, she travelled to the UK and completed her Masters (2015-2016) in Film Studies at Sussex University. She works with various mediums such as video, photography and digital art. Her practical work combines two mediums, photography, and video, fusing the two to speculate the dissemination of the digital realm and how media is brought about and created by digital technologies. Alongside her practical work, Idil has curated various exhibitions such as; New Grounds (AOH, Brighton, 2018), Conjecture (Brighton Photo Fringe, Brighton, 2018), Fake/Make (New Grounds, Brighton and Falmer, 2019), Hidden Paths (Systems Change HIVE, UK, 2019-ongoing), Body/Nobody (AOH, Brighton, upcoming).
Currently, she works and lives in the UK.



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