Good morning

Becky Vincer

From a series
‘We looked at each other, we knew what to do’
(Photographs with text overlay)

Good Morning
Three water meter covers in the middle and a patch of dry grass on the far RHS
Mid LHS ‘They said “Good Morning”’
Mid RHS ‘I said it too’

Artist site

Twitter @beckyvincer
Instagram @beckyvincerartist

Conversations with Becky

We asked Becky to share her inspiration with us while she was creating this piece. Here is the list of Becky’s suggested reading to look at:

  • How Can We Cooperate When the Pandemic Is Driving Us Apart?
  • ‘This is a public service announcement’ by People United
  • Some inspiration from the local graffiti around her neighbourhood
    ‘no bad vibes’
    Stick man waving



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