Dreaming Our Future

Marie Vialaret
Dublin, Ireland

‘Dreaming Our Future’
17*25 cm, ink, and paper cuts on cardboard
Quote: “This darkness is a dawn that is not born yet.” – Khalil Gibran, When Joy Waves to You… Follow It.

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Artist Statement

Above all, I aim at conveying positivity: art spreads beauty, and positive images have a strong impact on minds. As strong as, if not stronger than, negative, threatening, scaremongering ones. Collage is my privileged means of expression as its procedure follows the process of setting up a positive idea: observe your environment looking for beautiful elements, focus on them, build from this.

That’s why I chose, for these works, to focus on dreams and hope for the near future. Projected into daily, banal landscapes, the red girls are dreaming about the days to come. Their thoughts spread as golden bubbles and generate “seeds”, ideas for a brighter future.

I wanted to include Earth and Nature as central elements of my collages: not only are they matters of primary importance for me, I also believe artists have a special role to play in bringing them to light. It’s, even more, the case in the context we’ve experienced lately.

The included quotes are from Khalil Gibran and Jane Austen: the first has a special talent to convey joy and positivity through his verses, while the second succeeds to combine literary excellence with funny and joyful images in her novels.



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