Conversations on systems with Lofi

Commentary by Lofi

  • “My personal work is very focused on the urban environment, and the constant conflict between the natural and the artificial. I embrace themes of urban decay and incongruous contrasts which I enhance with bright false colour in my work, making my art particularly suited to digital reproduction. As someone dependant on the skeletal remains of the benefits system, I am all too aware of the fragility of our society and how little the systems we live in give back to those who need them the most, and this strongly informs my work.”
  • “My response to the brief focuses on how global liberalism has attempted to carry on as if nothing has changed – expecting people to adapt rather than the systems that govern us. Specifically, I am intrigued and appalled by the improvised office spaces people have created, the attempts to twist our personal space into extensions of the corporate world, and the incongruous ‘business mad max’ look that has resulted.”
  • “Worse, we are expected to be grateful for this, to welcome it, because the threat of recession is held over our heads like a petulant god, demanding our sacrifices and constant attention. It’s hard to think of a better metaphor for the invasiveness of the system, and our own willingness to collude in our imprisonment, than that of a jury-rigged workstation in our own home.”
  • “My work aimed to develop the idea of the improvised-workstation-as-altar, as a place where we sacrifice ourself to avoid having to look outside and see what we’ve been missing.”



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