Conversations on mutual aid

Georgia Murphy


Commentary by Georgia

  • “I was actually really stuck coming up with the slogan for this print. Although I was inspired by the practice of mutual aid, I wasn’t sure if everyone would know exactly what the term meant, and I wanted something that people would connect with and understand straight away. Additionally, in line with Swarm Dynamics idea of ‘radical renewals’, I wanted my piece to have a sense of hope and the future. While I was researching mutual aid I came across a print by an amazing printmaker called Faz @thefaztastic (see it here and asked them if I could use their slogan ‘collective care is the future’ as it perfectly summed up what I was trying to say. They also told me another great slogan which encompasses the roots of mutual aid, but also its present and hopefully its future: ‘Collective care: the past, present and future’’. Massive thanks to Faz for their help, please check out their work!”
  • “I also found this great zine explaining what mutual aid is/isn’t and giving some important history and context”
  • “This is another very important article on mutual aid and its long history within Black communities. It also examines the importance of ensuring mutual aid is not whitewashed and appropriated, but instead remains intersectional and anti-capitalist. There are some great groups listed at the bottom of the page, please support them if you can.”



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