Collective care is the future 3

Georgia Murphy

‘Collective care is the future’
Lino print on paper

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Artist Statement

Covid-19 has further exposed the failings of capitalism and the current system for protecting people, and has shown that it is down to us all to care for each other, share resources and knowledge and protect the most vulnerable in society. In line with this, my piece is inspired by the practice of mutual aid, and is a call to action for a new kind of society based on collective and community care.

Although a new system might feel far away right now, alternative frameworks have always existed; Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour have practised mutual aid and collective care for centuries as a means of survival in response to years of colonisation and white supremacy. As a result of Covid-19, it is clearer than ever that we need to focus our collective attention on breaking down systems of oppression and exploitation. We need to grow the existing, and new social support networks into something bigger, whilst also ensuring they are not co-opted and whitewashed but remain intersectional and true to their radical and revolutionary roots.

What I love about printmaking is its ability to produce bold and striking imagery; often leading to its use within social movements and as a catalyst for social change and action. I hope that this print will inspire people to imagine what a different future could look like, and encourage them to take action to make our society better for everybody, not just during the crisis, but also beyond it. If you have access to a printer feel free to print my piece out and put it up wherever you can, or even better, make your own!



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