Blue Vase

Nikhi Aum
Blue Vase

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My art has never been about sadness or despair, it’s never been about a social or political statement made on canvas, nor a depiction of current reality. On the contrary- the preference is always about fitting into a dream-like state of color, beauty and optimism . While being cognizant of what’s happening around in the world, the futility to keep dwelling on it has also dawned. I’d rather look at the bright side, and that proverbial silver lining of a grey cloud. Initially, what seemed like Armageddon, as my anger, fears and hopelessness reached their peak, so did an internal understanding of the importance of living in the NOW begin to finally make sense. Fear of eventual mortality began to give way to a deeper understanding of the preciousness of each living moment; and living each moment fully. Covid19, quarantine, self isolation gave me the opportunity to expand my Zen moments experienced in meditation to most mundane actions in normal everyday life. Today, with that new sense of awareness, as I savor the NOW, coffee tastes better, neighbors are not nameless anymore and relationships with estranged friends and relatives are renewed. As we around the world grapple on understanding the Coronavirus, and struggle to get accustomed to a forever changed world, never more has there been a time so ripe to allow positivity and encouragement to become another way of thinking and a nascent societal and individual attitude. That’s how these artworks of flowers came into existence. In quarantine, my effort has been to create art that uplifts the spirit, heals the soul and is generally about bringing in some happiness and cheer despite our current situation and a hopefully soon to be shifting timeline. Because, whatever will be, will be…



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