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Creative Communications Work for NGOs 

We have worked for NGOs to provide new inspiration, generate bold new strategic ideas, and embed creatives in the processes of change. Combining campaign and policy expertise with artists and creative processes, and re-purposing the role of the artist within society. Artists are people with different sensitivities, different ways of thinking, and are often our sentinels when society is veering wildly off course. They are also unusually comfortable with the creative process. People are just starting to wake up to this: change makers and non-profits are in great need of creative renewal and could thrive by collaborating with artists in unexpected ways.  Here are some successful examples of how we work:

Artist collaborations. In 2017 we successfully engaged some of our some of our graphic designers and branding experts to help environmental and social NGOs escape their exhausted ‘greenie’ visual identity, and pursue a more artful approach, informed by the research into how to communicate to the unconverted. As our core staff combine expertise in climate change policy and campaigning with creative arts direction, we often devise the creative brief in collaboration with the campaign or NGO. Recent examples include website and artwork creation for the European wide PeoplesBudget campaign by designer, Tibor Miklos, and referring the visionary system change artist Luc Schuiten for events by THE SHIFT in Belgium.

Creative and innovation retreats and trainings. Wehave also devised and facilitated creative factories and workshops in creative thinking to help campaigners think differently about their work and generate ideas for action led campaigning by applying the creative process.  Many participants have described these as inspiring or even ‘transformational’ for their work. But we have more audacious dreams yet to be achieved, new ways we would like to shake things up with Swarm thinking. We designed and ran a successful STORY LAB for Friends of the Earth’s European partners from national offices, facilitated by Swarm’s David Holyoake. Bringing effective story telling techniques to their communications and helping create new narrative around system change.  With 22 FOE national participants and 3 Swarm artists in residence for live creation,  we created a story board for short animation to put theory into creative practice.


If you are an NGO, change maker or an artist – get in touch if you would like to explore the possibilities for artist placement, a creative thinking workshop, or to work with one of our designers.

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