The Rules

The dynamics of swarm intelligence, well studied by natural scientists, offers a unique and powerful model for change. These dynamics form the basis of a very loose set of rules that are our general expectations for being part of our circles.

The democratic societies of bees also appear to follow a simple set of rules for collective action and replication, after reactions by a small critical mass of scout and worker bees. We therefore encourage members to at least try to participate in, or replicate one or more successful swarm events, creative ideas or creative outputs anywhere in the world. At minimum, we expect members to help post or forward the selected Swarm outputs or ideas featured each season under the ‘Live Swarm effects’ page on this site, to your own social networks or circles when relevant.

The creative problem solving of ants, or bees always involves the combined intelligence of vastly different specialisations. Multi-disciplinarity and diversity are therefore key to our work.

In nature, swarms may divide, break away and form new swarms when population density grows too high, or where abundant opportunities are found in nearby environments. Provided you let us know and are on the same page as us – the small staff of Swarm Dynamics are here to support you if you wish to develop your own Swarm circle or hive in your part of the world and benefit from our thinking, logo, and affiliations. We also encourage everyone to keep a look out for people who may be good recruits to the Swarm. Membership is free and everyone is welcome provided they agree with our core shared beliefs.

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