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The Swarm brings together artists, thinkers and campaigners. Here you will find a selection of some of the creative network of the Swarm. The Swarm is non-hierarchical, we work with professional and established as well as new or emerging artists in an open way. We are not a membership based organisation.  When we have projects or commissions we will select artists on the basis of fair and open selection. Further below you will find a list of experts and organisations we have worked with. There are many other talented and committed creatives within the Swarm network – we don’t have space to profile everyone here, but we will rotate these profiles.

davidDavid Holyoake – Founder/General Manager

David is Founder and General Manager of Swarm Dynamics.   David has background as an expert in climate change law and policy formerly with, and EU campaigns leader for Bankwatch network. He is also a musician and published composer of new classical music, represented as an Associate Artist of the Australian Music Centre Throughout his environmental work on UK and EU climate and energy issues, including the successful UK Green Investment Bank Campaign and other fights, David became acutely aware of the need to emotionalize the debate on climate and other issues, the need for a step change in more creative, evidence based, and inspiring communications, and the need for environmental NGOs to join the dots on the root causes of climate change – challenging the destructive logic of the current economic model, the lunacy of consumption growth, and working towards compelling political narrative towards a more meaningful economy. In 2015, he co-directed and facilitated the Creative Factory at Place to B, Paris, during the 2 weeks of UN COP21, bringing together communications experts, artists, poets, game developers, and climate campaigners to help change the climate story.  David is the great great great grandson of George Holyoake, the English radical who coined the term ‘secular’ and was the last man jailed for aethiesm. Recipient of awards, public grants and commissions, David’s music has been played at such venues as Fairfield Halls London, the Royal Academy of Music, and the Great Hall, National Gallery of Victoria and be heard at heard at 



Lauren Davies 

Lauren is a Trustee of Swarm Dynamics. She is an arts manager and producer working in the UK arts and cultural sector. She is passionate about the need for embracing new alternatives to the current system. Lauren works with a range of artists, writers, musicians and theatre makers on the production of new and original artworks for events, festivals and venues looking to take creative risks and inspire and delight new audiences.

Lauren formerly worked with ONCA Centre for Arts & Ecology, the Brighton based arts education charity that presents an annual artistic programme on themes of environmental change. She also worked as programme coordinator for UK environmental arts organisation Julie’s Bicycle. She has an avid interest in harnessing the power of art to influence change.

Leigh_DowsettLeigh Dowsett 

Beginning her studies in Environmental Science, Leigh decided to become more involved in a hands on approach to environmental matters, and spent 10 years travelling Europe getting involved in many small scale projects including habitat management and self-sufficiency.  This led Leigh to realize that in order to address environmental issues, we first need to address people and values. Leigh then gained a first class degree in Anthropology, and then studying for a Masters in Anthropology, Environment and Development at University College London, looking at humans and their relationship to the environment.  Leigh would like to dedicate her time to helping increase awareness that people and nature are not different or separate, but are one and the same.  Leigh is a Trustee of Swarm Dynamics nad brings extensive experience as a facilitator of training sessions to international NGOs.  

Ana Marambio 

Ana Marambio is a dancer, choreographer, and is visiting lecturer at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She started her training in modern dance in her native Chile.  After moving to New York, she spent several years training independently in the experimental dance scene, performing with several choreographers and groups alongside creating and performing her own works. In 2010 she came to the UK where she founded Nyctolopic, a company groups alongside creating and performing her own works. In 2010 she came to the UK where she founded Nyctolopic, a company groups alongside creating and performing her own works. In 2010 she came to the UK where she founded Nyctolopic, a company groups alongside creating and performing her own works. In 2010 she came to the UK where she founded Nyctolopic, a company working with dancers and actors to merge movement with theatre.  Ana is a Trustee of Swarm Dynamics.


Oxana Lopatina

Oxana is a strategic advisor at Swarm Dynamics.  She is a degrowth activist and a member of the international degrowth research working group. She does energy policy analysis for the renewable energy organisation the International Center on Small Hydro Power, China. She is also a researcher in the field of political ecology and has been working with the Institute for Political Ecology, Croatia. Her current research focuses on financialisation, debt and the scarcity/abundance dichotomy.

Agnes Bruszik 

Agnes is Network Development Advisor for SWARM, and the editor of the SWARM newsletter. Her background is in Molecular Biology (MSc) and Environmental Sciences and Policy (MPhil, PhD Can.), focusing on natural resource management. After a career in nature conservation, she is now involved in shaping the future of organic agriculture at IFOAM. Agnes has an artistic side to her as a writer, fractal artist and illustrator. She also curated artists for a Hungarian art foundation for years, organizing opportunities for disseminating the works of talented artists. With her personal interests and extensive networks in both fields, she is always on the lookout to discover and involve newcomers to the SWARM.



Kai Reimer-Watts

Kai is a multimedia artist, Master of Climate Change (MCC) graduate, and climate action advocate. An innovator / entrepreneur by nature, Kai recently co-founded a bold multimedia start-up “Better Creative” that celebrates the arts and creativity as a powerful tool for social and environmental change. Currently, he’s busy adding his creative talents and strategic insight into the production of Beyond Crisis, a made-in-Canada documentary promoting smart action on climate. Kai truly believes in the power of art to facilitate profound, meaningful shifts both in ourselves and in society, and is a proud new member of the Swarm. You can see some of Better Creative’s portfolio at


Caroline Rentel

Caroline grew up in Northern Germany before settling in Brisbane, Australia in 2002.A highly empathic human, she always felt deeply disenchanted with dominant culture. Caroline began to study independently; always thinking, talking and writing about new societal models. She joined different activist groups like the renewable energy thinktank Beyond Zero Emissions and the global sustainability advocacy organisation The Zeitgeist Movement. Her passion about a positive future without money and borders also led Caroline to write a Solarpunk novel which kept evolving with her and will (hopefully) be finished later this year.

Coming across the brand new Solarpunk genre in 2014 changed Caroline’s life, providing the spark to get the former recluse networking like a champion to help create a collaborative community of artists, activists, scientists and all other humans. Through this growing network she came across the Swarm and presented Solarpunk at the Creative Factory during COP21. She believes that the dystopian doom of popular culture stuns people and there is a desperate need for more positive future stories and art to empower and motivate each other. Caroline blogs at


David Crunelle

David Crunelle is a multidisciplinary artist and designer mostly active in visual arts. Winner of several design awards and contests, he’s an Art Director in a communication agency in Brussels. He has strong experience with international and European lobbies, and works often with social associations.  Convinced that the traditional way to talk and raise awareness about environmental issues aren’t effective enough, David is pleased to join the Swarm in order to use Art as an uplifting way to increase the strength of environmental communication.


Syvain Hatesse 

Freelancer since the year 2005, Sylvain HATESSE works in the field of city planning and education to tackle the ecological challenge and facilitate the shift toward a more sustainable society/World. Passionate about systemic approach and design thinking Sylvain explore new way to mobilize collective intelligence and knowledge through participative workshops.

Sylvain is also game designer who has developed in 2011 Terrabilis, a green and ethical “Monopoly”. In 2015, for the COP21, he brought together more than 30 partners to launch a numerical version of Terrabilis which looks like an eco-cooperative building game. The game is free, bilingual (FR/EN) and accessible on mobile phone (Android; iOS), tablets and computers. Both versions of Terrabilis can be played by kids (10+) and adults. For more info and to download the game, visit us on


Belinda Chlouber

It was on the American Indian Reservation, and in a small rural town in Eastern Oklahoma that I found my love of storytelling, nature and art. After years of making and exhibiting my artwork, studying nature and observing culture I have found our greatest challenge and story to be of anthropogenic climate change.  This is the story I now tell through my paintings. In early 2015 I attended Al Gore’s Climate Reality Conference, it was then I truly realized the enormity of our challenge and the need to find ways to cope with climate change as a society. In Paris at COP21, during the Climate Talks, I found a community of creative people with vision and integrity working toward finding a new story for the future through the arts: The Swarm. I am excited to work with them to help “make another world possible”.

To see more of my artwork please visit

Camille_BissuelCamille Bissuel  

Camille isan illustrator,grew up and live in the French Alps and is interested in the issue of climate change since he understood the incredible challengebywatching the snow melt, byself-constructing its bioclimatic house, and having two little boys. Since then,ecologyhas become a recurring theme in his drawings and agraphic novel project.Hisintention is to give life to what lies behind the scientific data to enable us to understand on an emotional level.Maybe, thesefeelingswillchange the world! In 2008, after studying philosophy and graphics, Camille settles as a freelance graphic designer and select digital drawing and free software as tools. He thinks the current copyright law is not adapted to the digital revolution and publish his creations under Creative Commons license. Camille works from his home, in team as soon as he gets the chance, and specializes in illustration in 2013 under the name Nylnook, the name of a fictional character, a gnome from the North Pole, also touched by climate change.


Danton Jay and Heather Lynn: Decades After Paris

Decades After Paris is a story of our time and our future with a changed climate… set to groovy, upbeat music. In 32 minutes, the listener journeys from the Peoples Climate March in NYC, to Paris in December of 2015 to witness world leaders make decisions on global carbon emissions, and the general fate of humanity. From there, the story travels decades into the future hinting at possible scenarios our generation will encounter. Love, connectedness and beauty are undercurrents that propel the journey and the listener is invited to feel the intensity and emotion of the situation. Meanwhile, lyrics are peppered with climate science and policy, without being overly apparent.

Danton Jay and Heather Lynn bring their social science and strategic communications expertise to this creative project. The album’s key purpose is to contribute an engaging gateway to an empathy rich dialogue about the climate transition. Decades After Paris launched with the support of their community in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. It is now connecting them to communicators, policy makers and activists around the world through SWARM Dynamics. Danton and Heather look forward to offering their music and skills to aligned projects.

Kaiya_FergusonKaiya Ferguson

Kaiya Ferguson is an artist, incessant challenger, disrupter and medical student from Brisbane, Australia. She believes in using climate change as a platform and driving force for broad societal restructuring. With experience in global health groups tackling environmental impact on human health, she became involved with The Swarm and looking at how art can bridge gaps in communication and get beyond the whole “the-environment-and-us-are-pretty-much-fucked” thing. She gets excited about the opportunity, invasive art and getting her hands dirty. 

EveDemangeEve Demange

When I was a kid, I used to play for hours in the forest with my brother and sister. For me trees, birds, aunts feel like a family. They are alive, whispering something I cannot understand, but that I know is linked to the core of ourselves as Human beings.   I grew up questioning the relationship between humans and nature, writing stories and poetry about it. I wonder how we can bring wildness in our everyday lives. In our cities, in our imaginations, and in our future. I published my first novel in 2003, “La Petite aux aigles” – and I am currently working on a novel taking place in a future without gas, “La Révolution de cendres” (Writing scholarship Centre National du livre.) I wrote several articles, published on the blog Place to B about “Storytelling & ecology” and created the « wild » game during the incredible Creative Factory, co-designed by the Swarm, in December 2015.

I live in Bordeaux, France, and have been working freelance for the past 11 years as a web copywriter and web content strategist. I love mixing ecology, storytelling and web technologies, narrative design and transmedia.


Agnès Prévost

Agnès Prévost lives and works in Paris. Having graduated from a superior art school in Paris, she leads artistic research in drawing, painting and more recently photography. As an artist she contributes to books, literary reviews, exhibitions in France and abroad. In the same time, after having performed several missions in publishing, today she provides graphic design for art and thematic books.

Sensitive to environmental issues, she was a participant and co-worker in the Creative Factory co-created by Swarm and Place to B during UN COP21. The experiment of the Creative Factory confirmed several intuitions for Agnes. Firstly, the importance of giving renewed meaning to diverse community: be together, think together, do and experiment-together. Think and create in a collective allows us to put into perspective the frames of thought inherent in our personal lives. At the same time, the notion of “living community” –seems in the core of this alternative future we must make a reality. Finally, the power of creativity to reach wider audiences with climate or system change messages – the reappropriation of the everyday and its frames: it embodies the exercise of free will, intuition but also responsibility.  (books’ site under construction).


Gemma Challenger

Gemma Challenger is a Brighton based artist specializing in fine pencil drawing. She studied fine art painting at the University of Brighton graduating in 2004. Gemma completed a post graduate certificate in mental health in 2013. Her creative work is a visual diary, responding to the world her. Gemma also works for Friends Families and Traveller’s, a national human rights charity working on behalf of Gypsies and Traveller’s. Gemma became interested in Swarm Dynamics and being involved in a positive discussion around climate change, where the rights of people and the planet come before the greed of companies and governments.



Professor Julie Doyle – University of Brighton School of Media


Marta Ceroni (Exectuive Director, Donella Meadows Institute)

Jamie Clarke (Climate Outreach)

George Marshall (The Guardian, Climate Outreach)

Steve Bygrave (Beyond Zero Emissions)

Florence Scialom (Network of Well-being)

Friends of the Earth Europe

Place to B – COP21

Alice Vivian (Institute for Desirable Futures)

Kjell Kuhune (Leave it in the Ground)

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