Creative Factory

During UN COP21 we collaborated with Place to B in Paris to co-design and direct a 2 week Creative Factory of artists, experts, game designers, campaigners and journalists. We piloted a new way of working, combining creatives with topical and communications experts to unlock creativity, think differently about more effective climate communications, creative campaign strategies, our vision of system change, and generate open source, prototyped ideas for effective creative campaigns.
Several campaigners described these creative factories as ‘transformational’ for their climate work. Visit this microsite on the old Swarm site to get a sense of what took place and read testimonials and press coverage about what we achieved.

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There is an urgent need to shift climate change communications beyond the ‘greenie’ frame in which it is too often stuck. There is also an urgent need to think differently about campaign strategy and learn from historically successful approaches outside of the environmental sphere. We encourage NGOs and change makers to replicate workshops with similar dynamics all over the world. A tool kit, put together by Place to B and Swarm is available on request. We are very grateful to French non-profit organisation Ecolo Info and to Lush Ethical Cosmetics for financially supporting our work on COP21.

Separate to the Creative Factories, in 2016 Swarm Dynamics devised and facilitated creative thinking workshops for environmental NGOs to help them think differently about their campaign strategies, and Story Labs with animators in residence to bring effective story telling approaches to their communications.

We are also now exploring collaborating on a new Creative Factory at the World Social Forum (‘Another World is Possible’) in Montreal, August 2016.

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