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In 2019 we conceived and launched our System Change Hive in Brighton. In collaboration with partners Brighton University School of Media, and ESRC STEPS Centre as participating experts in sustainability and systems thinking, the Hive is made possible by a 2 year grant from the Arts Council England. The System Change Hive is the UK’s first interdisciplinary creative engine room to explore rapid transformations to zero carbon futures based on well-being for all, and the barriers to getting there.  Emerging artists and students have the opportunity to work alongside established creative mentors and technologists in virtual reality, as well as sustainability experts. As part of the output from the Hive, an informative art exhibition called Hidden Paths, including virtual reality experience has now been launched in October 2019, (teaser video above). Visit the website and follow at

We are excited to be working with ESRC STEPS Centre, School of Media at Brighton University, and Wired Sussex (part of Digital Catapult)  resident Andy Baker on this timely project.

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Some photos below from the resulting exhibition, Hidden Paths below for Brighton Digital Arts Festival. Our learnings report, detailing the communications and definitional insights about communicating system change and rapid transition to zero carbon futures, as well as the replicability of the Hive project, will be published late 2020.

The show was curated by Idil Bozkurt. Trailer video above also created by Idil Bozkurt @bozkurtidil

Image credits: Photos by: Joshua Redfearn @josh_redfearn Poster Design by Idil Bozkurt



The System Change Hive developed from our learnings and experimentation in devising interdisciplinary environments where artists and experts spark off each other while working through the creative process. When the idea of Swarm began, back in December 2015, during UN COP21 we were engaged by Place to B in Paris to co-design and direct a 2 week Creative Factory of artists, experts, game designers, campaigners and journalists. We piloted a new way of working, combining creatives with topical and communications experts to unlock creativity, think differently about more effective climate communications, creative campaign strategies, our vision of system change, and generate open source, prototyped ideas for effective creative campaigns.

Testimonies from several of the dozens of international campaigners who stayed with us during the 2 weeks described our creative lab as ‘transformational’ for their climate work and campaigning.




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