Super Yoghiros – illustrated kids book about the amazon


During the Creative Factory we co-directed with Place to B in Paris during UNCOP21, we worked with many swarm artists and other artists in residence.  Here are a few words by artist Carole Piette about her current project –  a gorgeous illustrated kids book about the Amazon, deforestation and climate change. Please support the publication of her project here


“The “Super Yoghiros in the Amazon” is an illustrated children book, for ages 4 to 8. The idea is to spark curiosity in children and help start family conversations about trees, tropical forest, why it is so important and how we can preserve it.

The purpose of the Super Yoghiros project is to make kids learn about the existing solutions in the fight against climate change before they have a clear understanding of the problem itself.  It is also to help them realize ecology can be fun. I start with this story in the Amazon, as tropical forest are amongst our best allies against global warming.

To create the story, I was inspired by the Alto Huaybamba, a region of the Peruvian Amazon, where we developed a reforestation project with a collective of french entrepreneurs and the local communities.  The use of biodiversity by the forest people has been a great inspiration: the dragon blood or the cat claws vines both used as medicine, the piri-piri to seduce a beloved person …

Kids around me also helped the writing process. My 5 years old son, crazy about super heroes, was often asking me why he didn’t have super powers. That’s how I decided to create super heroes without artificial or surnatural powers… Kids have something more powerful : the power to say no. When they use it in the right way, even if they’re small, their voices can have a big impact.

I will publish this book with Conscients, my own brand dedicated to kids. I launched presales on a crowdfunding platform. First, as a way to involve people. Then, as a way to increase the possible audience.”

Carole Piette.

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