First topic: Memes for the NEW SYSTEM ?

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First topic: Memes for the NEW SYSTEM ?

Postby David » Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:49 am

HELLO EVERYONE! Sorry we got off to a slow start with launching this forum. We the core team have been busy with other Swarm work behind the scenes and don't yet have capacity to seed and monitor the forum - but we hope to soon! But please do DIVE IN! Use this form as a space to share ideas, or requests for creative collaborations, develop new aesthetics etc. To start to test it out, we thought we'd kick off with a thread/space to drop ideas for MEMES about the NEW SYSTEM. To try get a better handle on which aspects of System Change and post-growth economics that we are talking about lend themselves to ART.

We want to engineer new accessible language. And images. Some swarm artists are already creating and publishing novels or graphic novels engaging with some of the following progressive aspects of system change and fleshing out alternative futures:

- Universal basic income - how would life change with more leisure time and how could it accelerate Transition?
- Work sharing - shorter working week, to help escape the lock in of endless consumption growth
- Identity - what new role models and heroes emerge in the post GDP growth world?
- Steady state economy
- (personal carbon rationing?)
- community owned and worker owned
- clean technologies

What are the other key foundations of the New System in your eyes? And how can we turn these and other key measures into memes that our artists can engage with? On a wall here in Bruxelles I saw 'TIME IS HONEY' sprayed into a wall...

Please reply with any thoughts or images and feel free to start your own topics!!

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